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What is AgriShield?

AgriShield is a comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation platform for Canada’s farmers developed under the leadership of Farm Management Canada (FMC). It is the first platform to offer a 360° view to help assess and put a plan in place to manage risks on the farm.

AgriShield will help you:

  • Identify, assess and prioritize your farm risks
  • Create a risk management action plan for you and your farm team
  • Access resources and tools to help you manage risk

The platform covers 6 risk families including People, Finance, Market, Business Management, Business Environment and Production, which break down into 19 risk categories. Each of these risk categories, including Personal Well-Being, Hired Labour, Money Management, Sourcing, Selling & Trade, Environment & Climate, Pest & Disease Management, etc. is further broken down into risk situations defined as a situation that may result in exposure to risk.

For each risk situation, there are best practices listed to determine preparedness to manage that risk and help identify opportunities to improve managing the risk.

Users can either conduct a risk assessment or simply access resources and tools to help manage risk. Resources include a variety of options, from government programs to industry tools, to processes and procedures for taking a proactive approach to managing risk.


Risk Profile

By using AgriShield, users are able to complete a risk assessment for their farm and generate a risk profile that will identify which risks are a priority. They can then develop an action plan to start dealing with the identified risks towards improved risk management.

How to get started?
Full access to AgriShield is available for a yearly license fee of $149. Click here to access the AgriShield platform.