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After visiting 60 countries over 50 years studying the world’s leading farmers, Australian farmer and business consultant Rob Napier has joined Farm Management Canada to put together a series of videos to share his learnings with the agricultural industry at large, and help guide us towards a successful future for the family farm.

Rob is Director of Napier AgriFutures, a firm specializing in strategic planning for agriculture, agribusiness and family farming businesses. He was Principal of Orange Agricultural College of the University of Sydney, Australia for fifteen years.

Rob studies global changes in agriculture and assists leading farmers in Australia and overseas to successfully respond. He is a patron of the International Farm Management Association and widely recognized for his experience and leadership in agricultural extension, education and inspiring lifelong learning for continued prosperity of the agricultural sector, and world at large.

Watch, Listen, Share.

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The power of these videos is in Rob’s personal experience taken from his travels across the globe. All of the videos use real life examples, provide guidelines and checklists to get started and finish with advice on actions to take for your farm and family.

“If you don’t do something within the first 30 seconds of watching these videos, things will never change.”
–  Rob Napier


The Complete Rob Napier Learning Series: Towards a successful family farm future
Introduction to the Rob Napier Learning Series:  Towards a successful family farm future
Global Opportunities and Risks
Environmental Messages from Around the World
Family Communication and Planning
A Checklist of Family Farm Succession
The Learning Farm Family: Ploughing the Field Between the Ears
What Leading Farmers are Doing
Time Management for Farm Families: Working Smarter, not Harder
What I Would Do if Contemplating a Career in Ag
Farming for Success: Lessons learned across 60 countries in 50 years
(hosted in partnership with Farm Credit Canada)
Seeking Opportunities and Building on Knowledge
(with Real Agriculture)

~Global strategic planning solutions for agriculture, agribusiness, family farm business and succession~