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National Transition Program

This program seeks to help bridge the gap between generations of farmers to provide Canada’s future farmers with the best chance for success.

Bridging the Gap: Transition Planning Workshop for Farm Families!

Step Up to Succession with Farm Management Canada!

Is your family farm in a state of transition? Are you looking to start the succession conversation?

Yes?! Then Farm Management Canada’s new Bridging the Gap Workshop is for you!

The Bridging the Gap Workshop welcomes farm families to work with renowned farm family coach Elaine Froese and farm management consultant Cedric MacLeod to address some the elephants in the room that are preventing or hindering succession planning back on the farm.


Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates!

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Canadian Farmers are world leaders for a sustainable future through farm business management excellence.

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To cultivate excellent Canadian farm business management, through awareness and adoption of beneficial management practices.