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Introduction to Certified Organic Farming provides current information on certification and conversion steps, soil, crop and livestock management, as well as processing and marketing.

This book will appeal to a broad audience including conventional farmers considering converting to organic, novice organic farmers, as well as processors and marketers. It is also directed at the growing number of people working in the organic food system, whether they are policy makers, produce managers or check-out clerks, who want to learn more about the products they handle.

The motivation, farming practices and experiences of an extremely rich and diverse cross section of organic farmers are described in farm profiles from each province.

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Table of Contents:


Organic Certification

The Transition to Organic Farming: Taking the Plunge Without Taking a Bath
Organic Soil Fertility
Weed Management
Pest and Disease Management
Organic Livestock Production
The European Experience
Marketing Organic Products
Processing and Retailing: Preserving Organic Integrity

Profile No. 1:
Organic Grains on the Dryland Prairie

Profile No. 2:
Community Supported Agriculture on the Rock

Profile No. 3:
Growing and Marketing Organic Apples in British Columbia

Profile No. 4:
Cash Crops on a Modest Scale

Profile No. 5:
Cattle Ranching on the Diamond Willow Range

Profile No. 6:
Organic Maple Syrup? Naturally.

Profile No. 7:
Mixed Farming in Manitoba

Profile No. 8:
Vegetables Next to the Atlantic

Profile No. 9:
Reviving the Local Feed Mill

Profile No. 10:
Getting by in the Yukon

Profile No. 11:
Organic Cheese on the St. Lawrence


Appendix 1:
Certification Bodies in Canada

Appendix 2:
Additional Resources and information

Appendix 3:
Educational Opportunities in Organic Agriculture

Appendix 4:
List of Agricultural Periodicals and Papers

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